ATM for flowers!


Flower consumers in the Netherlands can now get flowers from the wall, the same way they get money from a vending machine taking flower business to a whole new level.

Most people are also familiar with the taste of fries out of the wall and in Belgium; you can also have breakfast with bread out of the wall on weekends. But draw a flower out of the wall? It is also possible now. Ruud Veringmeier of Plantenzaak ‘t Hoekje who sells flowers at the Poortugaal metro station that has debuted the technology is now on a 24 – 7 unmanned, safe selling.
Cheeky observers have quipped squabbles over forgotten birthdays, anniversaries and other events are now a thing of the past as one can rush to the vending machine and draw a bouquet.

The machine is supplied by Jaski Automaten. The company imports several types of farm vending machines. Jeroen Elout Jaski: “A machine allows growers to offer local produce at fair prices.”

The flower machine can accommodate twelve bouquets. “The only difference is that a plastic sleeve and an adjusting mechanism have been built in so that each bunch or bouquet has water and can be adjusted slightly in height,” Jeroen said.