From De Ruiter with love


By Fred Okinda

It is Valentines Day again, the day when roses and especially red ones do the talking. This day is best expressed with red roses and the more appealing the rose the more romantic the day gets.

De Ruiter Innovations have bred great red roses over 100 years. As our mission statement goes We Create Flower Business. And so we ask, what’s more romantic and exciting than a variety of red roses to choose from? To answer that, we have a wide range from Rhodos, EverRed, RedKamala, Cupido, Furiosa, to Spectre and Red Calypso in our fold.

Make no mistake when it comes to associating real romance and desire nothing else works other than red roses. These fragrant blooms come in varying shades of red, which also carry different symbolic meanings. For example, a bright red rose signifies romance, while burgundy means a love that has yet to be realized.

The red rose began its illustrious symbolic history in Greek and Roman iconography, where it was tied to Aphrodite, or Venus, the goddess of love. Later, in early Christian times it became associated with the virtue of Virgin Mary.

By the time Shakespeare rolled around it had already become a poetic standard that he, and later Gertrude Stein, both famously played with in their works. Throughout its long, storied history, the red rose still reigns as the ultimate symbol of passionate affection.

It’s probably safe to say there’s no more prevalent or enduring symbol of love and beauty in Western culture than red roses. The culture has now spread in the African culture too. The strong symbol of love can be spotted in poetry, literature, classical artwork, contemporary films and everywhere in between.

Renowned Scottish poet, Robert Burns, compared his love to a red rose in the poem Red, Red Rose, and the card “soldiers” in Alice in Wonderland lost their heads for painting white roses red, just to name a few classics.

Whether you send a single red rose, or a grand bouquet of ravishing reds, surprise your one and only for a romantic occasion, or better yet, because it’s Valentine go ahead do the right thing and send a message- a red rose message.