Here’s A Rose From Kenfloraa


Flowers For Valentine

15/Feb/2018 From the ancient times, flowers have been and remain to be the symbol of love. Roses are the icon of this gesture. With Valentine Day being that season of the year in which everyone around the globe celebrates their loved ones; Kenfloraa has positioned itself at the fore-front in providing for this gesture.

Kenfloraa a high tech farm that believes in providing its customers with top quality rose coupled with best services and incorporating sound technical knowledge, passion for flowers and determination over the last 10 years has resulted in producing top quality roses.

Located in Kiambu County, the farm enjoys a climate that is pleasant for growing best quality roses with intermediate to large head sizes and diverse array of colors.

The company is currently producing and exporting 10 varieties of assorted color roses which include, Athena, Red Ribbon, Red Naomi, Eliza, Flamingo Fuchsiana, Bingo cerise, Amina, Tycoon, Good Times and Solaire.