Growing Queen of Africa in Oserian Geothermal rose heated project


By Hamish Ker

As a pioneer of the flower industry in Kenya, Oserian was identified as the perfect farm to develop the “Queen of Africa” into the Queen of Roses in its geothermal rose heated project.

The “Queen of Africa” required unique growing environment and climate in order to bring out the very best in this rose in terms of head size, balance for optimal air freight as well as the ability to open which enables people to appreciate its shape and beauty.

Growing Queen of Africa in its geothermal project has enabled Oserian to grow a premium white rose which is consistent in quality and ideal for the premium floral market. The flower has shifted from a focal flower in the finest bouquets to being the pride and joy in any bride’s wedding day.

Queen of Africa’s flat open blossom lends itself perfectly for glittering and colouring so that it can be tailor-made for special events when one wants to add that extra sparkle to their display of roses or magical touch to a bouquet. All in all we are confident this rose is set to become the Queen of African roses!

Hamish Ker is the Technical Director at Oserian Development Corporation