World’s first seedless pepper goes on sale


UK: Marks & Spencer is to be the first retailer to sell the seedless pepper, which has been created as the result of a 15year project with Melrow salads and seed house Syngenta. The natural breeding programme no GM – resulted in a completely seed-free fruit that, in a happy coincidence, also has a sweeter taste than any other pepper currently on the market. The trademarked Angello pepper is not only seedless, but also contains a 25 per cent higher level of brix than ordinary peppers.

The combination makes the Angello ideal not only for cooking, but for snacking, picnics and children’s lunchboxes. Zeina Orfali, M&S peppers expert, comments: ‘We know that seeds in peppers can be a real pain for our customers who want to enjoy them straight from the pack or cook speedy suppers with them, so we decided to develop the first seedless pepper so our customers can enjoy this delicious vegetable on the go no need to deseed.’ The store’s grower, Bernard Sparkes, said it was a pleasure to work with M&S on such special projects. ‘It’s really exciting to introduce an amazing new variety of vegetable to the high street,’ he said. ‘Not only does it save time, but it tastes delicious, better than any other pepper on the high street. ‘We hope M&S customers enjoy the pepper as much as we have developing it.’ Luciano Fioramonti, Syngenta Business Manager added: ‘We hope that we’ll be able to convert people who don’t normally like peppers with our delicious Angello™, it’s the ultimate healthy convenience food!’