The Netherlands hosts first greenhouse-set wedding


DELFGAUW, the Netherlands: November 20, 2013. Following a change in Dutch marriage law that allows couples to opt for an alternative wedding venue instead of the traditional town hall, Elke and Mike decided to marry inside the six hactre greenhouse of their Germini nursery, LG Flowers.

LG Flowers grows over 52 million Germini stems per year and is a family business run by brothers Kees and Hein and Hein’s son and daughter, Mike and Joyce. Together they joined forces to prepare what was the country’s first ever greenhouse-set wedding.

According Ria Lansbergen, the proud mother of the groom, one day before the wedding, plants were temporarily removed from their gutters and stored to make room for a spectacular wedding chapel adorned in white satin.

The impact on the day-to-day running of the Germini nursery was limited as the entire event was carefully planned and organised. The Gerberas added a real splash to this wedding; their vivid red and yellow colours evoked the perfect romantic atmosphere.

Interestingly, theglasshouse weddingdidn’t cut the cost of getting married. “It was not necessary to hire a venue licensed to host weddings, but in the end we spent the same amount of money as if we had gotten married in the town hall.”


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