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The Ideas to Successful Recruitment in Business Management

In this article you will learn:

 ●         An effective strategy to recruit good collaborators

●          The 3 most important questions you should ask potential employees

●          Discover your own natural true nature, so that you can better assess others

 Employees should develop their personal skills in the organization, It will be very useful to lead a successful management. Nowadays there are a number of ideas to develop your personal skills in business management, those information are very helpful to develop your management skills.

Recruitment: you know where you start, but you don’t know where you end

Recruitment problem is one of the biggest (and most expensive) pitfalls for any company that wants to build a team. There is a danger that you will hire a new collaborator who will have to say goodbye after a few weeks or months.

That is a real risk if you do not look at the right dynamics or fail to ask the right questions. You may then organize so many interviews, tests and evaluations. Before you know it, you have to start looking for a new profile again, which costs you a lot of time, money and human energy.

 Recruit to improve

It can be even worse. If you recruit the wrong person, there is a chance that he or she will destroy what you have built up. If you want to fire this person, it will cost you a lot of money, time and human energy. The process of firing someone can be more difficult than the process of recruiting someone. That is why it is crucial to invest the necessary attention and care before you take a new collaborator on board. The intention is that you hire people who will shape your company even better than before they started working for you.

 Below I will discuss some simple and effective dynamics to hire the right people.

Don’t let it drag on

 Recruiting a new collaborator puts a lot of stress on most entrepreneurs. For example, they fear that this person may not have the necessary skills or be a good blend with their corporate culture.

This should not be your focus!

It is not the person you hire who destroys a company in the long run. It is the person who will not let you go who will eventually destroy your company. Keeping the wrong people employed can destroy your best product or service.

 Have you ever gone to a fantastic good restaurant where the setting was very nice and the food extremely tasty, but where the service was terribly poor? Think of that waiter in the top restaurant that you ignored during the entire meal. Even if you liked the food, the experience was ruined by the rude waiter. The chance that you will ever come back there is probably small.

 Ask yourself 3 crucial questions during a conversation

On the other hand, a new collaborator can transform an inferior business into something fantastic. Think of the waiter who makes the mediocre food and context forget through a friendly, professional and attentive service! You must select the right collaborators so that you have the right person in the right place at the right time. Before you introduce someone new to your company, you must learn how to recruit effectively. You have to ask three important questions here.


By studying a resume and examining the background of a candidate, you know if someone has the experience to perform a specific task. That part is simple.

Does the candidate not yet have the right skills? Then ask yourself: can this person learn or will he / she have difficulty developing the necessary skills? Also consider whether your company has the time and resources to invest in the education and training of this person?

Only invest money, time, training and energy in a person who has the potential to successfully complete the job and who fits in with the corporate culture of your company.


This question is harder to answer. After all, you do not have a glass globe with which you can predict the future. My tip: do not spend too much time worrying about a future that you cannot control.

Do you want to be sure that a candidate wants to work for your company in the long term? Then it is important to understand the goals and the true nature of this person. If the job is

connected to the goals and the natural nature of the person, chances are that he / she will continue to work for your company for longer.

For example, someone with an introverted personality will rarely or never become a successful salesperson in the long term. People’s natural true nature does not change.

Does a candidate have the right skills and do his / her personal objectives match the vacancy and your company? Then your chances of successful recruitment increase.

Do you notice during the process that the person you have hired does not meet your requirements? Then release him / her quickly to avoid further frustration and a financial hangover.


 Does the candidate fit in the department and the company as a whole?

You do not want to hire someone who only deals with his / her job. It must be someone who blends with the social character of your company. Diversity within a team is fine, but if a new collaborator has a completely different personality, totally different habits or opposing points of view, it is probably not suitable.

Suppose you own a restaurant and your primary corporate values ​​are commitment, teamwork, friendliness, service, and customer focus. If you then hire someone who mainly gets energy from meaningfulness, direction and personal glory, this person will not fit within your team. Moreover, in the long term he / she will not demonstrate the desired behavior that you, colleagues and customers expect.

My experience with recruiting

I have changed the way I recruit collaborators. Over the years I have discovered that many of the people I hired did not stay in my company for very long. The reason? Their real goal was not to contribute to making the company better. Their real goal was to learn in my presence. They loved the job in the short term because they could learn from the challenging and successful environment. However, they did not stay in the long term because their personal goals were different from what they were expected to do in the long term.

 I also learned that some collaborators no longer wanted to follow the important building blocks of our corporate culture in a further phase (customer focus, dynamic drive, sense of professionalism, do-ethics, action towards expansion and growth).

Ask potential employees where they see themselves in five, ten or even twenty years. What does their response say about their priorities? Does this correspond to the values, culture and objectives of your company?

 Know your own natural true nature

If you have no idea of ​​your own true nature and rather have a vague corporate culture, evaluating a potential collaborator becomes difficult. You cannot recruit successfully if you are not sure how you really are as a company. Learn more about what motivates people and understand what really drives them. This is the basis for successfully hiring new collaborators who work with your company in the longer term to achieve more and better results.

Learning about people is necessary to become an effective leader If you are a better leader, you become better at recognizing potential in others.

I would like to help you with this. With the three programs below you can become proficient as a successful leader and employer.

Lilly Haylee



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