“Roses are Red…….Violets are blue”



February 13,2018, Nairobi.Valentine is a special time of the year when around the world Cupid marks the day of love with red roses of all shapes and colours – from the famous Red Naomi to the Grand Prix of yester years we say it with Red Roses but more and more in recent years we see more of the “Violets are blue” creeping in to add some spice and colour to those traditional red romantic valentine bouquets.

Oserian a farm built on innovation has strived to identify with the market the emerging trends as well as grow/develop unique products alongside the traditional – with this in mind the farm has developed a “collection of Roses” to meet the changing needs of love birds at Valentine to those who say I do on their wedding day.

This Valentine the farm produced a wide red rose assortment from the traditional red intermediate roses for conventional purely red rose retail bouquets such as the aptly named “Love Bird” and the classic “Valentino” to the super premium “Piano” rose destined for the finest Valentine bouquets to be found in leading high street florists in capitals around the world.

Delux Garden Piano rose
Love Bird

The farm also grew a range pastel roses to cater for an increasing demand at Valentine for a touch of colour to offset the red roses in the bouquet from the highly sort after chocolate rose “Cappucinno” to the pastel shades of “Topgear!” and “Morning Dew!”

Morning Dew

Whatever the special occasion Oserian caters for the clients needs – for more on our “Oserian Rose Collection 2018” please see our website www.oserian.com – in the meantime we take this opportunity to wish our clients the very best this valentine and whether your “Roses are red…or Violets are blue” we wish you a “Happy Valentine”