Peru to be lead avocado exporter


“Peru continues to grow in food exports, so we project that agricultural exports (traditional and non-traditional) will close this year on the USD 4,100 billion and may reach USD 4.300 million even” he said.

He said that growth will be fueled by fruits and vegetables such as grapes, mangoes and especially, avocado, which is a product that will enter the international market strongly, to the point that in the coming years Peru could improve its position in the global ranking of leading exporters .

He explained that by 2013 avocado plantations will be at maturity because agribusinesses have decided to bet on this product with increased investments in agricultural fields, so that in the future they may compete more intensely with both countries.

Avocado exports totaled USD $99 million between January and July this year, exceeding by 41 percent of sales in 2010.

The main destinations are the Netherlands, Spain and United Kingdom, which increased their purchases in 59, 22 and 56 percent, respectively, he said at the opening of the seminar Emprende Peru, organized in the framework of the Expoalimentaria 2011.

“The consumption of avocado in Europe is increasing, and the best part is that admission is given to competitive prices, which makes this product grow a lot in that part of the world. It has also attracted interest from some Asian entrepreneurs” he said.

Source: Andina