Koppert launches Trianum


Koppert Kenya a subsidiary of Koppert B.V Netherlands  has launched  a new product, Trianum, a hybrid strain of the beneficial fungus Trichoderma harzianum. It is based on strain T-22 of  Trichoderma which is not only useful for the control of soil-borne pathogens such as Fusarium, pythium, Rhizoctonia and sclerotinia but also for promoting growth of plant roots and shoots as well. The product has been in use in Kenya since mid-2010.

According to Roger Boer, the product manager for TRIANUM in Koppert Netherlands,   trials was carried out for a period of six months in four different geographic locations across the country i.e.  Isinya, Timau, Naivasha and  Eldoret.  Among other things, increased production of cut-flowers and improved quality of the produce was reported.

Crops grown with Trianum are observed to be more resistant to stress caused by diseases, sub-optimal feeding and watering regimes or climatic conditions. The plants have also improved intake of water and nutrients. It is  safe for people and the environment, suitable for use in organic systems. For best results it’s advisable to apply it early for example in propagation units and seedbeds.

Following application of Trianum in the root zone, trianum develops mycelia, which grows very aggressively along with the developing root system. It protects the plants in the following ways:

  1. Competition for space by giving forming physical barriers giving soil pathogens no room to establish on the root surface.
  2. Competition for nutrients; Trianum and soil-borne pathogens both feed on nutrients within waste products exuded by plants roots during normal growth. Trianum uses these nutrients far more effectively, thus out competing soil pathogens at the root zone.
  3. Mycoparasitism: Trianum grows around pathogens and produces enzymes that break down their cell walls and deactivate the in the process.
  4. Strengthening the plant: promotes healthier root systems with more root hairs.
  5. Induce resistance: induce the plant defense system at the root and shoot level.
  6. Facilitating the absorption of fixed and non-fixed nutrients.

Trianum can be applied targeting the root zone through drip irrigation, overhead irrigation systems, motorized hose and reel cart sprayers, boom sprayers, and knapsack sprayers.  It is compatible with virtually all insecticides and feeds, and with most fungicides.


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