Kenya pest control firm to fast-track avocado pesticides registration

Smallholder avocado farmers in Central Kenya

By Ernest Muthomi, CEO, Avocado Society of Kenya

The Avocado Society of Kenya, ASOK, has held discussions with the Pest Control Products Board on use of pesticides including natural enemies on avocados.

At the moment only a handful of pesticides are registered for use on avocados in the country. 

The board says it is committed to fast track label extensions for all products on avocados once the request backed by the dossier are put on the desk.

In view of this, the Avocado society of Kenya has announced plans to engage all agrochemical companies desirous of   product label extension to conclusively and within the shortest time commence the legal approvals.

The Avocado Society of Kenya has requested independent certification bodies to engage PCPB and ASOK before taking any action that may lead to license suspensions until the exercise is concluded and an official products list is issued.

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