Ginger has a long history of use in various forms of traditional and alternative medicine. It has been used to fight colds and the flu, to help with digestion and to reduce nausea. Cinnamon is loaded with antioxidants and can help the body fight infections. It has also been linked with reduced risk of heart disease.
Turmeric has been used in India for thousands of years as a spice and medicinal herb. It’s a powerful anti-inflammatory. Turmeric helps boost your immune system, can ease joint pain and is also good for digestion.
Garlic is a plant in the onion family that’s grown for its distinctive taste and health benefits. It contains sulfur compounds, which are believed to bring some of the health benefits.
Lemon: A rich source of vitamin C, lemon possess immense health benefits ranging from its antibacterial and antiviral properties to its immune boosting abilities.
Raw honey has been used as a folk remedy throughout history and has a variety of health benefits and medical uses. It’s even used in some hospitals as a treatment for wounds. Many of these health benefits are specific to raw, or unpasteurized, honey.