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Garware Bestretch – Rubber Grafting Tapes / Strips

August 16,2017,Nairobi.Grafting is a horticultural technique whereby tissues of plants are joined to continue their growth together. For successful grafting to take place, the vascular cambium tissues of the stock and scion plants must be placed in contact with each other for a specified time. Rubber grafting tapes are widely used for this purpose.

Garware Bestretch has developed Natural Rubber based grafting tapes, which have, ease of application along with a high rate of success on a wide variety of existing techniques, over a wide variety of plants.

Features of Rubber Grafting Tapes / Strips:

Elastic Nature

The rubber tapes are highly elastic and hence offer a tight and intimate grip on the graft areas where they are wound. Rubber expands as the plant grows thereby eliminating the chances of ’necking-in’ into the stem as seen with thermoplastic grafting tapes. They can be stretched to many times of its length and hence relatively less material is required per graft.


The rubber tapes offer selective permeability to air allowing the buds to breathe, while preventing moisture to escape thereby providing hydration to the grafted areas.

Graft Protection

When the buds grow out, the tapes are penetrated, without breaking it thereby offering continued protection to the graft areas from infection or insect attack.

Advantages of bio-degradability

The tapes on exposure to the environment degrades naturally and falls off thereby eliminating labor costs on removal of the tapes. Since the tapes are made up of natural ingredients, it will be degraded at a faster rate and gets absorbed into the soil.

The major advantages of GBL’s rubber grafting tapes over conventional grafting tapes for farmers / horticulturists is the natural ageing of the rubber grafting tapes, the tapes crack and fall down and hence untying is not needed this in turn reduces labor cost. No need to collect felled tapes as it will disintegrate in the soil. No risk of damage to grafts due to cutting of tying tapes

Type of plants

Studies have shown that the grafting tapes can be successfully used for regular fruit plants like Mango, Guava, Custard apple, Lemon, Pomegranate etc. and most of the flowering plants like Rose.

Product Availability

GarwareBestretch currently offer two varieties of black tapes suitable for hard stems like mango and guava and soft stems like roses.
Size Stems Type of trees / plants
Black, 0.25mm (t) X 12.7mm (w) Soft Roses, & other flowering plants
Black, 0.38mm (t) X 16 mm (w) Hard Mango, Gauava, Custard Apple, Avocado, Macadamia, etc.

Garware Bestretch can offer special sizes to suit various customer requirements.
The rubber grafting tapes / strips are packed in 7 Kgs boxes of continuous length or 500/1000 pcs per bag in cut to lengths.

The tapes should be always kept out of direct exposure to sunlight or UV rays and should be stored under ambient temperature, in closed containers. Exposure to UV radiations will initiate degradation of tapes.

* We are interested to appoint distributors for East Africa preferably having experience in distribution of agro products.


Vishal Nathwani
Assistant Manager – Export Sales & Marketing
Mobile: +91 77 9898 1146

GarwareBestretch Limited
Head Office: Supreme Headquarters, 9th Floor, Survey No. 36,
Baner, Pune Bangalore Highway, Pune – 411045, Maharashtra, India.
Tel: +91 20 6633 5673 | Fax: +91 20 6633 5601

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