Elgon Kenya launches Trebon


A new multipurpose insecticide to counter pests affecting vegetables, cereals, fruits and flowers has been introduced in the market after a three-year trial.

Distributed by agro chemical firm, Elgon Kenya, Trebon, is known to combat a wide range of insects among them white flies, aphids, leaf miners, hoppers, moths, common cutworms and caterpillars.

Trials on the efficacy of the insecticide were carried out in three regions in the country on different plants. The trials which started in 2008 were carried out in Kericho on roses, Timau (carnations) and Naivasha (vegetables).

According to researchers who carried out the trials, Trebon was found to have a knockdown effect on hoppers, cutworms and white flies. The product has low mammalian toxicity, rapid knockdown activity, no irritation to the user, low impact on environment, short pre-harvest intervals and low risk on pest resurgence.

A product of Japanese multinational, Mitsui Chemicals Agro Corporation, Kenya representative Mr. Dickson Mureithi said results indicated that the insecticide effectively controlled white flies at the rate of 400-500 ml/ha.

Mr. Mureithi said that 72 hours after application, the efficacy against white flies was excellent. On aphids, the rate of infestation dropped drastically until all insects were killed. Mr. Jack Apollo Juma a researcher said Trebon has proved very safe to users and its effects on beneficial insects such as lady birds are insignificant.

Ms. Mary Opisa a representative of Finlay Flowers where trials were conducted on roses said that the insecticide was tried on white flies on all stages of growth. She pointed out that it had excellent effect especially on adult flies and nymphs.

Elgon Kenya deals in agricultural chemicals and fertilizers, seeds, irrigation system and farm equipment. They also manufacture polythene sheeting, printed/plain bags, plastic containers, corrugated cartons, labels, strapping roles among others.

Mitsui Chemicals manager for Europe, Middle East and Africa International Business Department sales and Marketing Division Mr. Bunkichi Tsunekawa said the product has maintained its status as a multipurpose insecticide with high efficacy. He said Trebon shows insecticidal activity against some organophosphate resistant and carbamate resistant insect pests. “It does not only kill insects but also shows specific activities like repellency activity inhibition against laying of eggs,” added Mr. Tsunekawa.