Betin, Promotion Code the sure bet to jackpots


Nairobi, November 24, 2017. Kenya has been a frontrunner in the internet penetration and literacy opening a plethora of opportunities across major sectors of the economy. With such prospects has also come convenience, thanks to new ways of doing business.

While numerous vanguard young people have quite the traditional 8am to 5pm work schedules and decided to tap into the unlimited world of ICT to be masters of their own destinies, ICT has itself evolving into a gold mine especially for the Kenyan youth.

Sports betting, the newest entrant hasn’t disappointed birthing a burgeoning set of millionaires.

But the journey to becoming a betting millionaire as has been experienced by those now in the game requires tact and strategy to increase the players’ chances.

With the proliferation of sport betting companies, a key component that has been a surebet for majority of those participating in betting has been the use of bonuses and promo code introduced by to entice more to betting.

But even as sport enthusiasts get attached to earning through placing bets, bonuses have positioned themselves as the easiest and surest way to hit that jackpot.

Leading bookmakers including Betin Kenya, Bet 365, Sport Pesa, BetFair and Mcheza have the bonus option. Betin Kenya has been a frontrunner in offering a wide array of games one can place bets on and first of their kind amount of bonuses a player can earn.

Betin Kenya, an offshoot of European online and retail betting powerhouse GoldBet Group, provides 50 per cent bonuses of up to Sh500,000.

In order to earn bonuses, Promotion Code, advices one to have a Betin promo code  through registering an account. Registration is at the heart of placing bets and winning because it makes it easier for identification and getting in touch with the customer support. Besides imagine winning a jackpot and not being able to claim your prize for providing unverifiable details?

Once done with registration, you can find the Promotion Code provision at the bottom of the registration page.

As part of its safety guarantees to its customers, Betin has put an elaborate plan working with the most respected brands globally that ensures best betting conditions. Data and computer systems are protected through Dell servers and Fortinet Firewall.The website itself is protected by a multi-level encryption software that provides extra levels of safety compared to other online betting sites, making sure that no one can steal and use your personal details for any other purpose,” Promotion Code says.

And to give its customers the easiest and most convenient way of looking for the best betting odds and bonuses, Promotion Code has integrated the best betting sites in its website.