Agribusiness mission to connect Kenyan players with Netherlands investors


Nairobi, March 9, 2018 .Changemaker International and Capacity Africa have organized a first of its kind investment mission for Kenyan agribusiness stakeholders to Netherlands in a move meant to open opportunities for Kenyan businesses by connecting them to prospective investors while showcasing Kenyan goods and services.

The mission, which will take place from June 11 to 15 2018, comes as trade between Kenya and Netherlands deepens buoyed by growing demand and shared interests.

Trade volumes between the two countries stood at Sh60 billion in 2016 with Netherlands being the third largest trading partner for Kenya. Key Kenyan exports to Netherlands include horticulture with Kenya importing machinery, chemicals and services. Globally Netherlands remains the second largest exporter and importer of agribusiness products and has positioned itself as a world leader in cutting edge agricultural innovations.

While Kenya counts on agriculture for contribution to household and national incomes, with 80 per cent of the population depending on it for survival while contributing 65 per cent of all foreign earnings, the sector remains heavily underdeveloped with harvest wastage, poor marketing, low uptake of technology and weather changes conspiring to rob farmers’ earnings across the value chain. This, despite the sector exhibiting great prospects for growth.
The trade and investment mission therefore hopes to attract buyers and investors to Kenya even as it showcases the milestones in the sector. Participants will benefit from information sharing, market access and potential financial support.

Participants will also visit GreenTech Expo in Amsterdam, one of the leading horticulture and agribusiness exhibitions in the world with over 5,000 exhibitors, buyers, suppliers and investors in the sector. Other key events planned during the visit include business workshop on industry best practices and opportunities available, matchmaking of Kenyan potential investors, buyers and suppliers, visiting horticultural farms and factories outside Amsterdam and business to business networking forums among other activities.

The idea is to allow participants learn from the rest of the world how to maximize innovations and produce cost effectively.

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