United Selections Holds their Open Days in Nakuru, Kenya 2019

R&D and commercial team United Selections Kenya

United Selections kicked off the year by hosting their first open day in Nakuru at their Ngata Facility.

The event held on 10th and 11th January, 2019 was well attended with several of their varieties getting positive feedback from the clients.

Some of these varieties included well established varieties in the market such as Madam Red, Adalonia and New Orleans. There was also good feedback from recently introduced varieties such as Red Lion, Devoted, Madam Cerise, and Yellow Cab.

United Selections holds this event every year to get their clients involved in developing varieties that are suitable for everyone. Furthermore, it’s also an opportunity for them to introduce new varieties and to have a personal interaction with their client base.

During this edition, their new additions were well received and the company is optimistic to continue breeding a colourful future for everyone in the flower industry.

New Assortment 2019

During the open day, the following new varieties were unveiled:

• Selina – bi-colour purple Suitable for various altitudes

• Mardi Gras  – A lavender suitable for a variety of altitudes

• Fairytale – Suitable dark Cerise for low and medium

• Fey – A peach variety suitable for low and medium altitude farms

To get their entire digital assortment poster for free, send a request to marketing@united-selections.com

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