Flowers for Grandparents Day


Grandparents Day marked on October 2 is gaining popularity in the flower markets. This day, which originated in Italy  is gaining a firmer foothold in the Netherlands with flower suppliers looking at increasing sales.

According to reports, Jacco Huibers of Amigoplan, the Grandparents Day Ambassador in the Netherlands says the day doesn’t is not increasing flower and plant turnover yet but it’s a matter of time.

Two Dutch cities have set up a plan for the elderly. VGB (Association of Wholesalers in Horticultural Products), Charles Lansdorp, one of the founders of this initiative in Italy and Florint are behind the initiative that is backed by several companies. These include flower food giant  Chrysal International, breeders Dümmen Orange, Schoneveld breeding, and others like Van der Plas, Barendsen and  OZ-Export