Dümmen Orange launches ‘The Power Rose’

Richard van Tol (Oserian), Steve Outram and André Vreugdenhil (Dümmen Orange), Hamish Ker (Oserian)

International flower breeder Dümmen Orange has launched a premium variety at the International Floriculture & Horticulture Trade Fair.

Dubbed SnowStorm+® the variety offers premium flower power in a white rose with a firm bud (size 4,5-5 cm) and an excellent storage life. Its strong petals show no bruising after transport, which is unique and extraordinary for white roses. It is how SnowStorm+ earned its nickname: The Power Rose.

For the past 12 months the rose has been intensively tested by specialized rose farm Oserian. The promising results led to commercial planting on 1,5 ha. More SnowStorm+ roses are planted every week. SnowStorm+ is exclusively available per Dutch Flower Group (DFG) as of November 2016.

As proud partners in the launch of SnowStorm+ Hamish Ker of Oserian, Eric van Duin of RoseConnect (part of the DFG) and André Vreugdenhil of Dümmen Orange wish SnowStorm+ a powerful start, packing a punch in dazzling arrangements all over the world.