ADVANCEFUEL removes barriers to renewable fuels

Renewable fuels have grown rapidly since the millennium in a bid to tackle the escalating crisis of greenhouse gas emissions and public health. However, in recent years experts have come to question the sustainability of first-generation biofuels. In response to these worries, ADVANCEFUEL is a project facilitating the research and the knowledge uptake of the production of renewable fuels produced from sustainable sources in order to remove market barriers.


February 1, 2019. ADVANCEFUEL is an EU-funded project looking into alternative renewable fuels produced from lignocellulosic feedstocks, renewable hydrogen and CO2 streams in an attempt to find more sustainable fuel options away fromunpopular conventional first-generation biofuels.

The project is driving the success of these newer renewable transport fuels as sustainable replacements and accelerating their commercialisation by pushing research in overcoming the current individual barriers that are restricting market roll-out. To help progress their market success, ADVANCEFUEL is implementing specific, targeted initiatives.

To target policy-makers, decision support tools will be created to enable a full value chain assessment of renewable fuels, provide useful scenarios and sensitivity analysis on the future of these fuels.

An ADVANCEFUEL Stakeholder Platform will also provide a renewable fuels guide for stakeholders with updates onfuture developments and support on how to apply these to end audiences to help contribute to the success of new transport fuel value chains.

This continuous research and close monitoring of renewable fuels in Europe for developing new, sustainable solutions is to help contribute to the achievement of the EU’s renewable energy targets and reduce carbon emissions in the transport sector to 2030 and beyond.

ADVANCEFUEL is currently a member of the platform, BioWatch – the one-stop-shop for the latest research breakthroughs, news and upcoming events in the bioeconomy sector. As a member of BioWatch, ADVANCEFUEL can communicate directly with the research projects they are interested in and receive alerts in response, they are also part of BioWatch’s growing community of stakeholders (policy makers, industry experts, media) within this sector and have open opportunities for future collaborations.

Find out more about ADVANCEFUEL on the BioWatch website and get involved.