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Wedding flower centerpieces with fruits and flowers

October 16, 2013. Fruit offers an affordable, fun and (for the eco-savvy couple) a recyclable/reusable wedding touch. It is easy to incorporate throughout the wedding, can add a festive and fresh splash of color and its incredibly easy to work with.

How to incorporate fruits throughout a wedding

There are so many ways to incorporate fruit into a wedding. Fruit can be sliced to show off the beautiful colors, patterns and seeds inside (lemons and limes look great in slices) or left whole and polished to a shine (think crisp green glossy apples). Fruit can also be easily spray tinted or hand painted just about any color. The way in which the fruit is displayed ultimately creates the feel for the flower and fruit arrangement.

For a rustic wedding, place fruit in baskets, crates or wooden bins lined with fresh greens or dried moss; for a modern affair display fruit choices in tall, glass vases. Whole branches with leaves and fruit still attached can be tucked into large flower arrangements for a garden or outdoor wedding.

When working with fruit and flowers, there are a few general tips to follow. Look for fruit that is hardy, in general thick-skinned fruit will work better than thin-skinned fruit. If the fruit tends to bruise, it is probably not the best choice for stacking in a vase.

Always start with clean, freshly washed fruit as any dirt will eventually come off in the water and can cloud the vases. When working with smaller pieces of fruit in a large vase, minimize the amount of fruit necessary by placing one vase inside another, then fill the outer portion with the fruit and the inner vase with water and flowers. This trick also works well for berries, pods, sand or any other decorative filler.

Fruit and flowers can be used to create all kinds of wedding looks. One idea is to spray fruits of various shapes like pears, apples and lemons all white, then pair the whitened fruit with blush roses all stacked together on an antique cake plate for a shabby chic look.

Use fruit as a creative seating guide by pinning guest names to a piece or cluster of fruit at the entryway that coincides with the fruit featured in the flower arrangements on the tables. Then display the fruit either in the vase (this works well with most citrus) or spilling forth from the flower arrangement (this works well with grapes, pomegranates or other clustered fruits).

Here are a few more of our favorite flower and fruit pairings for different wedding looks:

Fill a vase with deep purple irises and dark pink garden roses, then add green or purple grape clusters so that they spill over the sides of the vase creating an old-world, impressionist feel. This look is also great for a vineyard or wine themed wedding.

For a crisp, modern look, pack bright green dianthus into square or rectangular vases, pair with tall, thin vases of mini green apples, white peaches or containers of green dried peas. Add a whimsical touch by adding a few tall stems of Bells of Ireland or Green Goddess Calla Lilies.

For a tropical wedding, use star fruit, cherries and grapefruit paired with unique bi or tri color roses such as Delicious Cherries and Cream Roses or Red Intuition Roses. Then add fun, textured celosia and tropical orchids. Bring it all together in wooden bowls with the fruit spilling forth at the top; then place extra fruit around the bowl so that it looks like it spilled right over.

Delicate, refined blooming cherry blossom branches can easily be paired with containers of cherries and flanking vases filled to bursting with peonies or masses of vintage carnations for a very special spring wedding.

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