Panalpina flies a record 1.6 million roses from Kenya to Sydney on ‘love plane’

The 'Love Plane' marks the first direct full freighter flight from Nairobi to Sydney with a Boeing 777F.


In what continues to rubberstamp Kenya’s pride of place in the global horticulture industry, logistics company Panalpina recently flew an entire Boeing 777 cargo aircraft packed full of freshly cut roses from Nairobi to Sydney, right in time for the romantic holiday.

Kenya remains one of the largest growers and exporters of cut-flowers, which represent the country’s second largest export commodity after tea, and Australia is one of the biggest Asia Pacific importers of the East African nation’s famed roses.

The ‘Love Plane’ marks the first direct full freighter flight from Nairobi to Sydney with a Boeing 777F. And Panalpina is the first and only freight forwarder with this service offering in the market.

The special delivery of 1.6 million roses follows the expansion of Panalpina’s cold storage facility in Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in November 2018, which will enable the company to move a projected 80,000 tons of flowers, fruit and vegetables in and out of Kenya by 2020.

“Some say love makes the world go round. Panalpina makes things go round the world, and we’re happy to make Valentine’s Day much more special for our friends down under,” says Quint Wilken, Panalpina’s global head of Air Freight Perishables.


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