Oserian unveils the first beneficiaries of its scholarship program


Following its announcement last year of a scholarship program and job plan for its students, Oserian Development Company has finally unveiled the first beneficiaries of the scholarship program at a ceremony held at the Oserian Highschool. The program will benefit all the schools the company manages including Oserian Hilltop Academy, Oserian Primary and Oserian Highschool. These schools cater to the children of the over 4000 employees at Oserian Development Company.

The first students to benefit from the program this year are Lavender Akinyi, Brian Gogo, Ronald Mbai, Alexander Nyanduga and Lenox Keya (pictured below) all scored C+ grade and above required to join the degree program at the university. The five students were the top performing students in a group of 36 form four students who sat the national exam last year. The Dean of studies mentioned in his speech that a total of 15 of the 36 students had attained a C+ grade.

The school performed well in the exams clinching the second position in a ranking of sub county schools with a mean of 6.11 points an increment of 1.22 over the previous years mean. The school was also ranked position 33 out of 751 schools in Nakuru county. The students were celebrated at the ceremony for their cooperation with the teachers and hard work in their academics.

The form four class teacher Mr. Michael Japar in his speech stressed that discipline among the students was a key factor in their academic success and hailed the Fairtrade premium committee for supporting the school and its students as such success stories would motivate and encourage the other students at the school to work harder to achieve their goals.

Lavender Akinyi, one of the scholarship beneficiaries and the only girl to be awarded, said the scholarship would be of great help to her to aid in pursuing her course in Education at Masinde Muliro University without which she would have had to defer her studies.


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