Organic AFK

Pictured above : (L-R) Minister Yadiel of African Boreholes Initiative (ABI), Her Excellency Ida Odinga, Prince Immanuel Head of ABI and Christopher Nzuki, Amiran's Integrated Projects Manager look at the Organic AFK’s inputs and produce.

Amiran Kenya Ltd the leading agro inputs supplier in Kenya together with African Boreholes Initiative, have brought a first of its kind innovation to the small scale farmers of Africa ushering them into the world of organic farming.

The Organic AFK was officially launched by Kenya’s Prime Ministers’s wife ,Ida Odinga, at an event held at Huruma village which hosts the New Dawn Educational Center in which the first ever organic AFK was installed. The students who attend their classes in metal containers are the first to undertake small scale organic farming in a greenhouse setting. The newly introduced technology aims at causing environmental and food security changes in Kenya and Africa as a whole.

The Organic AFK is modelled after the original award winning AFK which has been adopted by thousands of farmers across Africa. The components included are essentially the same; the Amiran Farmers greenhouse, a drip irrigation system covering one eight of an acre, a water tank, Gold Medal Seeds, a farmer’s sprayer, nursery set, health and safety protective gear, training, agro-support and insurance, with the exception of the chemicals and fertilizers which have been replaced with organic nutrients.

“I love what I’m seeing…” was the first statement that Mrs  Odinga said to during a tour of the greenhouse at New Dawn Educational Center. Mrs Odinga continued to say, “I work mostly with young people and young women and the biggest problem that we have in this category is the problem of poor nutrition.” Fortunately something can be done, “This can be prevented by eating right and eating food that contains all the minerals that the body requires and those come from the soil.”

‘Love the land and the land will love you in return’ was the theme of the Organic AFK launch. Prince Immanuel the Head of African Boreholes Initiative in a passionate speech, called on the people present to embrace the theme of the day. “When you love the land it will yield to you its treasures; the environment, nutrients, the environment that cause you to live life more healthily and abundantly.” The Organic AFK uses organic nutrients as opposed to synthetic chemicals and fertilizers this ensures that the soil is sustained naturally.

The collaboration between Amiran Kenya and New Dawn Educational Centre over the last  two years has seen the school produce enough tomatoes and capsicums which are sold at a good price since they are grown organically which has helped in the sustenance of the school. Chrispinus Wafula the Centre’s Principal pointed out, “Since Amiran built the greenhouse, even the attendance of students in the school has dramatically improved because we are able to provide enough food.”