Kenya rose production plummets as international demand soars


Kenya rose production has dropped in the last one year on cold weatherBy H. Richard Sultan

Demand for Kenyan roses in the international market went up this year despite a shortfall in production which growers have attributed to this year’s prolonged cold weather. Magana Flowers, for instance, one of the leading growers and exporters of roses in Kenya recorded a 30 per cent increase in demand for its roses in 2016

Magana Flowers’ Marketing Manager Ann Gitari attributed the stable demand this year to generally low production due to the prolonged cold climate experienced in Kenya this year compared to last year. “We are also aware that production in other countries that grow and export roses dipped somewhat, which explains the high demand for Kenya roses,” noted Ms. Gitari

Magana Flowers exports roses directly to Germany, Australia, Japan, UAE, Sweden, Holland and UK. Therefore, on prices, they do not notice a huge difference. “We work with year round negotiated prices with our clients and so there has been no significant change for us.” And regarding the demand, according to Ms. Gitari, it will remain stable in the coming weeks.

Magana Flower Kenya Ltd currently grows 41 varieties of roses including top varieties such as Celeb, A-one, Ice Breaker, Mariyo, Madam Red, Red One, Royal Sphinx, Confidential, Revival and Upper Class. The farm currently sits on 18 hectares with plans to expand to 23 hectares to step up production in the face of rising demand.

According to Ms. Gitari, Magana Flowers works closely with its breeders and clients to develop new product lines as well as renew its traditional varieties in line with market trends.

Source: FloralDaily



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