Government of Mexico formally suspends 100 percent of retaliatory tariffs on exports from the US


US:  The government of Mexico has formally formally suspended 100 percent of retaliatory tariffs on exports from the US  The Produce Marketing Association (PMA) applauds the settlement of the a cross border trucking dispute, which since 2009 has hindered the produce industry’s ability to export from the U.S. into Mexico while creating difficulties for Mexican truckers to move products into the U.S.  This settlement has been long overdue and will ensure smooth movement of goods among these critical produce trading partners.

The agreement, which was signed by both countries in July, was the proper response to tariffs on more than an estimated $900 million of U.S. agricultural products, creating an immediate drop in sales of many produce commodities to the Mexican market.  The tariffs were put in place as retaliation to the termination by the U.S. government of a pilot trucking program.  PMA supported the July announcement and will continue to monitor the program’s progress, ensuring that Mexico will not be compelled to reinstate these burdensome tariffs.

“As PMA members represent a global supply chain, tariffs of a retaliatory nature, no matter what the intention, only damage trade and ultimately hurt job growth in challenging economic times,” said Bryan Silbermann, president and CEO of PMA.  “PMA works collaboratively with government and industry partners on issues that
demand our attention, this certainly being one of profound importance. Leadership among both governments should be applauded for this long overdue compromise.”