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Food That Mirrors You

July 16,2018, Nairobi. While nutritionists and other health scientists continue to research on the right food to consume in order to keep your body healthy, nature has revealed that the solution to life’s ailment and better living has always been around us. From their look some foods have actual physical similarity with body organs. As a matter of fact researchers have proven their benefits on those organs.


A sliced carrot looks like a human eye. The orange color of carrots is due to beta-carotene. This compound protects your eyes against muscular degeneration, cataracts and it enhances blood flow to the eyes.

Tomato And Garlic

With its redness and four chambers, it is quite a coincident that it resembles a heart. Research has found that a tomato is loaded with lycopine which is an antioxidant and cancer preventive compound.

Garlic is used to treat many heart related condition and blood system such as high and low blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease and heart attack.


Grapes resemble the alveoli of the lungs. The alveoli are structures that allow oxygen to pass from the lungs to the blood stream. Research shows that grapes reduces the risk of lung cancer, emphysema and asthmaWalnut

A walnut looks like a brain with left and right hemisphere, upper cerebrum and lower cerebellums. Research implicate walnut in helping to develop over 24 neuro-transmitters within the brain thus enhancing the signaling. It helps in dealing with dementia and alzheimer’s diseases

Kidney Beans

They are exactly shaped like kidneys. They help maintain the function of kidneys and they also provide a variety of minerals and vitamins.


Others include rhuharb and bok-choy. They look like bone structures. They are rich in sodium which help in strengthening bones.

Avocados and Pears

As they resemble womb and cervix of females, they are good in balancing birth hormones and can prevent cervical cancer


Fig seeds increase the mobility of male sperm and increase sperm count and overcomes male infertility.

Sweet Potatoes

They resemble pancreas and promotes healthy function which involve blood sugar regulation. It also contain beta carotene and potent antioxidant which protect cells from radicals that cause cancer and aging.


They resemble ovaries and help prevent ovarian cancer

Citrus Fruits

These include grape fruits, oranges among others. They look like mammary glands of females. They assist in maintaining good health of the breast and movement of lymph in and out of the breasts. Grape fruits contains limonoids which inhibits the development of cancer.


It resembles a smile. Banana contains a protein called tryptophan which when digested is converted into a neurotransmitter called serotonin. Serotonin is a mood regulating chemical and is an anti depressant.


They look like body’s cells. They contain fiber, folic acid and viamin B which help to clear waste materials from all body cells.


It resembles a stomach. It aids in digestion, calms the stomach, cures nausea, motion sickness and slows down bowel tumors.


Resembles human ear. They improve hearing abilities.


It resembles 100 of cancer cells. Researchers claim that it reduces risk of prostate cancer by 45%.

Giseng root

It looks like a human body and it is a holistic cure for nearly all ailments.

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