Flower Power

International Trade Principal Secretary Dr Chris Kiptoo, Kenya Flower Council Chairman Richard Fox and Chief Executive Officer Clement Tulezi warming up to the official opening of the International Flower Trade Exhibition 2018 in Nairobi organized by HPP Exhibitions. The 7thedition of the annual event was held on June6-8.

About the Kenya Flower Council KFC

July 17,2018,Nairobi. Formed in 1996 by growers and exporters of cut-flowers and ornamental, the Kenya Flower Council has a huge influence on thousands of men and women who grow, sell and buy cut flowers. Globally, Kenya is among the top four countries in the production of flowers.

With an aim of creating a sustainability within the industry and enhancing market access for the Kenya flower brand, the association has grown tremendously to about 125 producer members and 80 Associate Members, who provide essential services to the sector.  The Kenya Flower Council offers a range of services – compliance to industry standards, lobbying and promotions.

The council continue to encourage commitment to quality and innovation within the industry, promoting and pursuing equitable trading practices through the Flowers and Ornamental Sustainability Standard (F.O.S.S) – an Accredited Quality System Regulations based on environmental and socio-economic principles which ensure certified producers foster sustainable, responsible and safe production of cut flowers and ornamentals. The Standard covers governance, good agricultural practice, human resource management and workers welfare, health & safety, environmental protection & conservation, and post-harvest.

The Council being the nerve center of flower growers in Kenya is robustly in the forefront lobbying policy and decision makers at national and county levels, to adequately support the growth of the industry and to enact appropriate legislation conducive for flower production and export. It also supports efforts in the development of trade between Kenya and the different markets across the globe. This is in bid to create a conducive business environment and promote global competitiveness of Kenyan flowers.

To build a strong Kenyan flower brand at the market place, Kenya Flower Council continuously engages in promotional events locally and internationally, with support of Kenya’s foreign missions and relevant government ministries and departments.  This leverage the brand, heritage and reputation established for the Kenya flower.

KFC Producer Members

KFC membership has grown to a total of 126 large, medium and small-scale farms. Over and above, small-scale producer groups have joined the membership in bid to meet the required levels of compliance. The groups are located in different parts of Kenya. All together the membership represents well about 80% of national production of roses as well as an array of summer or field flowers.

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