Kenya Flower Council to launch industry compliance mechanism


On a global level Kenya is amongst the top three exporters of cut flowers and plants to the EU and beyond. The flower subsector is one of the largest employer and foreign currency earner for the country. In 2011, it generated about Ksh45 billion from over 120,000metric tonnes of flowers whilst employing 50-60,000 workers directly and supporting over 500,000 livelihoods indirectly. Success in this industry has been attributed to the geographical setting of the country, sound investments and due diligence by all players in the subsector. Hence, internationally, Kenyan flowers enjoy a reputation of responsibly grown flowers. This is demonstrated through compliance and certification to a milliard of social and environmental standards demonstrating adherence to best practices. However, it is clear from persistent reports in the public space portraying flower growers in Kenya as being irresponsible producers, with current systems in place, good as they may, need to be reviewed and harmonized in order to front a unified and credible response as a means of managing negative publicity. In turn this is expected to curb misinformation, often peddled during industry peak times, locally and abroad. With funding from the Dutch Government, Kenya Flower Council (KFC) proposes to galvanize the key stakeholders from the Government regulatory institutions, growers and other key stakeholders to develop an industry wide approach to harmonize and efficiently implement labour and environmental standards in the flower industry.