Everybody loves Lady Margaret



Nairobi, July 8, 2016. A year since it was launched at the International Flower Trade Show (IFTEX 2015) in Nairobi, Lady Margaret has grown into one of the most successful pink roses fetching good auction prices.

Speaking during IFTEX 2016, Judith Zuubier of Van Kleef, the breeder behind Lady Margaret was overjoyed when HortiNews visited her stand. “Everybody is asking for Lady Margaret”, a visibly elated Judith said holding the beautiful bunch.

Lady Margaret is named in honour of the wife of Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta, Margaret.

This flower epitomizes Kenya’s First Lady in many ways. Pink is pretty and warm capturing the personality of Mrs Kenyatta, she said.

How did she settle on this flower, we ask?  “I did research on her personality – she is feminine, happy and charismatic. This flower captures that and more about her. She is loved by everyone, and this flower has become a big attraction everywhere,” a widely smiling Judith said with joy radiating from deep inside.

“Kenyans love this flower, they are always asking for it, she said adding that it gained more popularity when the First Lady used it to decorate State House when US President Barrack Obama visited Kenya in August last year.

It is in high demand in Europe, Australia and Middle East among other regions. “It is an expensive rose, a niche variety”, she said.