Betsafe overview: How it compares to other betting sites in Kenya


There are several sports betting companies in Kenya. At face value, they all look the same with similar product offerings. However, a close reading at what they have to offer can unearth some degree of differentiation between the various operators.

In this article, we look at Betsafe, one of the newest players in Kenya’s sports betting market. How does it compare to the other betting sites in Kenya? Does the company offer anything new or any competitive edge in the market?

A Little Background on Betsafe

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Founded in Norway in 2006, Betsafe has been around for quite some time. Its original focus was the Scandinavian market before it expanded into other markets across the globe. Today it has a user community of more than 600,000 spread across the world.

From a reputation standpoint, Betsafe now brings an international reputation and top-class experience to the Kenyan betting market.

It is reassuring that with a company of such reputation, Kenyan punters won’t have to grapple with a shady sportsbook with shady owners, the so-called briefcase betting companies that at one point threatened to proliferate the local sports betting scene.

User Experience

SportPesa nailed the user experience down to a science which enabled virtually anyone to use their platform.  How does Betsafe fair on in this arena?

For starters, we love the sleek, matter-of-fact and sober website design which is good for user experience. The platform is stable, simple and easy to use for online sports betting.

In this area, it fairs favorably with the other local players. Being a Kenyan player, it is important to also evaluate its mobile user experience since most Kenyan punters who bet in Kenya will place their bets via mobile, either using mobile apps or text betting.

Like other local players, Betsafe has leveraged this betting shopfront. It offers a simple and super-intuitive text betting though we didn’t see any mobile apps targeting the local market. However, when it comes to text betting, we think Betsafe has differentiated itself in its mobile offering and offers a superior advantage here. Its text betting system is simpler and is as easy as normal texting and does not require Game ID.

There won’t be much of a learning curve for punters who want to use the Betsafe system to send SMS bets. Besides, while other sports betting providers scrimp on SMS charges, Betsafe has taken this out of the equation and allows punters to place free bets.

This should appeal to the small-time bettors for whom these small costs matter. Betsafe has also opened a new shopfront that we haven’t seen with other local sports betting companies: Telegram betting. It will be interesting to see how the local punter community takes this up.

Responsible Gaming Environment

Regulatory pressures mean that most operators now have no option but to promote responsible gaming so as not to fall afoul of the hawk-eyed regulators.

Betsafe isn’t an exception but beyond mere compliance with regulations, it has shown commitment and initiative to promote responsible gaming in its business. It has gone as far as appointing a Responsible Gaming Officer to oversee these initiatives which is a good sign for the industry.

 After the outcry of the past few years, it is refreshing to see a betting company that pays more than lip service to these concerns and that is eager to implement ethical business practices in a gambling or betting market that despite recent exponential growth, is still a nascent niche in the country.

Diverse Betting Options

The company is offering pretty much what other sportsbooks offer the local punter market when it comes to sports betting.

Like other local players, Betsafe is exclusively focusing on sports betting. You can bet on games such as football, basketball, tennis, rugby, boxing, handball, ice hockey, table tennis, volleyball and snooker. If you want to do more than just sports betting, you can check out the company’s global website that goes much further and allows punters to play table games, casino games, poker, horse racing, virtual sports and video slots.

It offers the kind of variety that you would get on the leading international online gambling websites without a local presence in the country. In this regard, Betsafe offers you a broader reach to betting markets than you would get with some of the local sportsbooks exclusively focused on the local sports betting market.

If you are keen sports fan, you can find multiple sports to bet on and if you are a keen poker player, there is always the right table to suit all your favorite formats and stakes.


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