Chagema Kedera to head the EU NexT Kenya Programme


Kenya’s celebrated horticulture technocrat Dr Chagema Kedera has been appointed as coordinator of the
the new EU-funded NExT Kenya (New Export Trade) programme under COLEACP.

Dr Kedera, credited with the founding of the Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service (KEPHIS), which he served as the first Managing Director, currently facilitates the Kenya National Horticultural Task Force. The success of Kenya’s export horticulture is largely attributed to the Kephis enforcement of global standards. Dr Kedera established the foundation of an intitution that continues carrying his name, years after he left!

In a statement, COLEACP reveals it has worked with Dr Kedera for many years: in the past. “He was Regional Coordinator with the EU-funded COLEACP-EDES Food Safety Programme, and more recently he has been a consultant expert working on activities under the Fit For Market SPS programme, focusing on strengthening the SPS systems of the ACP horticultural sector. He also worked with Emerge Centre for Innovations-Africa (ECI-Africa) as a seed expert and served as SPS Advisor for the USAID-funded East Africa Trade and Investment Hub.

A Kenyan national, Dr Kedera holds a PhD in plant pathology (minor in plant breeding), and has over three decades of experience in agriculture/trade/policy, especially in national and international standards, covering plant protection, food safety, biotechnology, plant variety protection and seed certification.

Dr Kedera will work in close collaboration with the COLEACP team in Brussels and a NExT Kenya programme office in Nairobi.

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