Kenya Product Development Programme 2021

KEPROBA is also conducting training needs assessment to establish what training courses will be relevant for their stakeholders

The Kenya Export Promotion and Branding Agency (KEPROBA) has rolled out the Product Development Programme 2020/2021 targeting the 19 prioritized products *(Tea; Fresh Cut roses and buds; Fresh or dried Macadamia Nuts; Coffee Manufactured tobacco and cigarettes; Goat Meat; Medicament ; Men Clothing; Fresh cut flowers and bud; Preserved leguminous vegetables; Fresh or dried avocados; Pineapple Juice; Fresh or chilled vegetables; Iron and steel products; Food preparations; Salt; Preserved/canned pineapples; Soap detergents; Women clothing)*

The Product Development Programme is an integrated programme aimed at enhancing the productivity of potential and existing enterprises to enable them produce market led products that are competitive for both local, regional and the international markets.

To apply for participation in the Programme, interested companies are required to fill out the attached Profile form and Training Needs Assessment Form to enable us to identify the beneficiaries of the programme, analyze the legal, economic and operational structure of each enterprise, and assess export readiness and guide on areas of intervention for the Programme. 

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Companies can also use the links below to apply for the programme. 

*Company Profile Form*:

*Training Needs Assessment Form*:

Please note that the deadline for submission of these forms is *10th October 2020*.


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