2020 Kenya Agriculture Research Awards (KARA)


In order to promote agricultural research, there is need to recognize prior efforts by scientists. Therefore, during the Agriculture Research Conference to be held on 13th – 15th October 2020, five (5) teams or individuals who have produced outstanding innovations from agricultural research will be recognized.

The teams and individuals will be identified through a process where research organizations will submit a list of their outstanding agricultural innovations with profiles for each one of the innovations. 

The profile should include description of the innovation, Lead researcher, other researchers/innovator involved, Collaborating institutions, year of release of innovation, the intended use of the innovation, beneficiaries, counties of application and the impacts and any other information that would help in the evaluation of the innovation.

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The submitted innovations will be subjected to review by peers and the public for determination of suitability for the award. 

Kindly use this form https://forms.gle/htc6taeaGj8rt8Pe7 to submit innovations. The deadline for submission is September 17th 2020.


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