The one million kitchen garden initiative

A section of one of the one million kitchen garden initiative at Kilimo House

Due to a looming food crisis as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, we recently launched the One million kitchen garden initiative. The aim of this initiative is to cushion vulnerable households across the country by ensuring diet improvement through access to fruits, vegetables and herbs in order to boost their immunity.

A startup kit comprising seeds of various leafy vegetables such as mchicha, spinach, kales, night shade and also small livestock such as rabbits and poultry is being provided to vulnerable households.

We recommend the use of vertical farming technologies such as multi-storey gardens, hanging gardens, staircase gardens, cone gardens etc in order to be efficient on space and water management. Our demo garden is open for viewing by the public at Kilimo House every Wednesday and we shall also be releasing videos on ‘How to’ set up different kitchen garden technologies in the course of this month.

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We have supported 206,742 households in setting up Kitchen gardens and shall continue supporting more households in this initiative. In order to find out if you’re eligible for a startup kit, kindly contact your County’s Department of Agriculture for eligibility criteria since the selection process is done at the grassroots level. #VijanaNaKilimo

Source: Ann Nyaga, CAS MOALF


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