National potato day!


The potato is already an integral part of the global food system. It is the world’s number one non-grain food commodity, with production reaching a record 325 million tonnes in 2007.

The year 2008 was declared the International Year of the Potato by the United Nations, noting that the potato is a staple food in the diet of the world’s population. To mark the end of the International Year of the Potato, the Food and Agriculture Organization affirmed “the need to revive public awareness of the potential contribution of the potato to defeat poverty, food security, and malnutrition.”

As a result, August 19th every year marked the National Potato Day celebrated only in USA. In 2017 potato production recorded 388 million tonnes.

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NPCK and partners are lobbying for the day to be celebrated globally, the World Potato Congress and International Potato Center are in consultation on possibility of launching an International Potato Day.

Join NCPK and other stakeholders in cerebrating the national potato day with one or two of potato diets of your choice. There are over 400 recorded potato receipts.


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