Farming not an odd job!: Furious farmers tell ‘Nation’



The article (by Daily Nation) has brought up discussions amongst farmers as an offensive reference to the lucrative industry.It is! Screamed National Farmers Awards winner Caroline Mukuhi on her Facebook page Carol Waseedlings. She wrote; It’s unfortunate to read the article as they are tirelessly encouraging a positive perspective and attitude towards agriculture amongst the younger generation.

The Nation wrote: The jobless teachers have had to take up odd jobs like farming and business to make ends meet.

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Caroline went on, “just so as we don’t have such a write up again on print media in the future where the reader is educated but unemployed youth who would be generating income from their sukumawiki garden if only they had deemed it fit for their status in society to partake in a farming activity.”

“Let’s not be hard on the writer, just means a lot has to be done to change the perspective towards farming from the youngest to the oldest.”

It’s our economy backbone; we got to have some positive energy around it.
Carol won the best farmer award in the annual National Farmer’s Award, Youth in Agriculture Category for which she is the Youth Farming Ambassador.

Her post elicited anger as many people reacted in support demanding an apology from the Nation while other’s especially some journalists, probably in a veiled support of their peers making the reference a joke!

Journalist, Ted Malada, the witty Editor of The Nairobian wrote, “it was a slip of the keyboard. These things happen!”
Julias Musau Musyoki said it’s that bad, that’s irresponsible journalism. That’s an insult to farmers. Is there something as irrelevant as printing a newspaper in today’s world? ‘Kaziyagazetinikufungamboga’ (Newspapers are used to wrap meat)
“It is very sad and unfortunate to refer to farming and business as ODD jobs! It’s a display of high degree IGNORANCE and INSESITIVITY! Where do these gutter journalists get the pen, ink and paper to mislead the public in this manner? Remember we have teachers of AGRICULTURE and BUSINESS who not only encourage learners to practice but also train them to invest and undertake the same!” Pius Roba noted.

Catherine Riungu, the publisher of HortiNews, lamented on the same saying, I will be very hard on the writer, and we cannot let this pass. It must be condemned in the strongest terms possible!

Her comment was supported by Bernadette Mugor who is also the publisher, Smart Farmer, “this is ignorance of the highest order, the way we are working hard to put matters into the right perspective on farming, which is highly lucrative endeavor. Odd job and yet ‘ataenda’ (he will go for) lunch? In fact this is the best opportunity for people to discover the gold in agriculture.

“The Nation Media should apologize. We are in farming as a business not because we have nothing else to do. The writer should know we have higher levels of education than teachers. Six months high school principal’s salary is our capital of three months….” Pattie Wa Millie wrote.

Jack Mutuku oh his part said that referring farming as odd job is outdated. Agriculture is the back bone of our economy the only sector surviving Covid 19 calamity so far our Farmers are doing agribusiness


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