Ginger and turmeric farming facts


Most of the ginger and turmeric consumed in Kenya is sourced from Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa,China, Ethiopia and India. So for local farmers to grow it’s a good business fact

  1. Seeds per acre 500-1000 kgs based on irrigation system or if inter-cropping with other crops or fruits
  2. Spacing 15 x 45 cm
  3. Varieties soft and hard ginger (soft is good for fresh market hard is good for industrial or drying)
  4. Maturity 4 to 7 months based on your market needs

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5 yields: for every 1 kg of ginger “seeds” planted you get a yield of 10 to 20 kgs of fresh produce

6.Ecology: ginger is tolerant to a wide range of climatic conditions

7. Germination. Once planted they can take between 6 to 8 weeks for full sprouting

8. Market seasons: since there is low supply prices are stable and range from 120 to 350 on retail.. This is the best planting to harvest when prices are at peak

9. You can sell fresh or get a drying machine dry and grind and sell as flakes or powder and get double the revenues.

10. Irrigation .if your place has no enough rains you can irrigate using drips, sprinkler or basin/flood irrigation

11 planting : they are planted in furrows like potatoes or in small basins

12.Pest and deceases. The only common issues in fungal diseases and soil borne diseases there is less effects by pests

Source: Herbs And Spices Propagators


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