Manufacturers of Surgical Face Masks (Conforming to KS 2636:2016)


The Principal Secretary for trade would like to inform everyone as follows :
(i) The Government is planning to purchase masks.
(ii)The purchase will be in lots  

(iii) The sample masks , set price and technical specifications will be availed by PS – State Department of Industry

(iv) The orders will sourced from  local manufacturers who have been cleared by KEBS.

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(v) The current list of KEBS approved mask manufacturers is hereby attached.

(vi) Those manufacturers under para (v) above are encouraged to sub-contract SMEs in the counties

S/NO Firm Name Self-declared capacity per day  
  Revital Health Care 180,000 Pieces
  Kitui County Textile Center (Kicotec) 25,000 Pieces
  Sueng Enterprises Ltd 25,000 Pieces
  Shabnam International Ltd 10,000 Pieces
  Arax Mills Ltd 20,000 Pieces
  New Dawn 20,000 Pieces
  Ecological Industries Ltd 10,000 Pieces
  King Magic Medicine Co. Ltd 10,000 Pieces
  Nairobi Enterprises 80,000 Pieces
  Brand Track Ltd 40,000 Pieces
  Texplast Industries Ltd 200,000 Pieces
  Ansell Pharmaceticals Ltd 10,000 Pieces
  Mantoz Ltd 30,000 Pieces
  Safetytech Ltd 30,000 Pieces
  Buruk Ltd 40,000 Pieces
  Little Africa (K) Ltd 20,000 Pieces
  Manchester Outfitters 40,000 Pieces
  Wandas General Suppliers 20,000 Pieces
  Ken-Knit (K) Ltd 10,000 Pieces
  Brand Track Ltd. 50,000 pieces
  Sai Sports Wear & Uniforms Ltd 3,000 Pieces
  Shona EPZ Ltd. 20,000 Pieces
  Bedi Investments Ltd 60,000 Pieces
  Yetu Ltd 10,000 Pieces
  Manchester Outfitters Ltd 10,000 pcs per shift
  Bulltex Emporium Co. Ltd. 10,000 Pieces
  National Youth Service 55,000 pieces
  Rivatex E.A Ltd. 30,000 pieces
  Vivo Ltd 10,000 pieces
  National Industrial Training Authority (NITA), Nairobi 1,000 pieces
  Machakos Technical Training Institute for the Blind 5,000 pieces
  Sigalagala National Polytechnic 500 pieces
                                  GRAND TOTAL 1,084,500 pieces


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