APO Group is implementing a Coronavirus Initiative for Africa


APO Group is the leading news release service in Africa.

APO Group will collect all relevant content from African governments and distribute it free of charge through its press release distribution service, and a specially designed ‘Coronavirus’ tag (bit.ly/APOcoroTag) on www.Africa-Newsroom.com

We want to become you partner and offer the possibility to your website, to be visible on each continent.

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Our goal is to offer you important content, bring you traffic, new readers and ads from our clients.

You will have the opportunity to publish hundreds of press releases, related to Africa from more than 500 sources of reference including institutions and international organizations, governments, local and international companies. You can have a glimpse at the variety of sources we publish here: https://www.africa-newsroom.com/sources?lang=en

I have created a widget for you:

<script id=”apo-widget-script” src=”https://www.africa-newsroom.com/addons/shared_addons/modules/africarc/js/widget.min.js?token=Tzo4OiJzdGRDbGFzcyI6Mzp7czo5OiJsYW5ndWFnZXMiO3M6MTk6ImE6MTp7aTowO3M6MjoiZW4iO30iO3M6NDoidHlwZSI7czoxOiJ3IjtzOjExOiJub19vZl9pdGVtcyI7aToxMDt9” type=”text/javascript”></script>

                           <div id=”apo-widget-container”></div>

Here is the implementation guide for the Widget:

1. Log in to your admin section

2. While creating new post select Text tab on the editor

3. Paste the copied widget code to the editor.

4. You can add supported html attributes to the iframe like, width=”800” height=”400” as per your requirements.

5. Switch from TEXT to VISUAL and SAVE / PUBLISH.

6. You can add in a Category or Sub-Category.


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