Corona Virus – International Flower Trade Exhibition (IFTEX) moved from June to October

Dick Van Raamsdonk, Director General HPP Exhibitions / IFTEX during 2018 IFTEX held at Oshwal Centre in Nairobi

Nairobi, March 17, 2020 The annual International Flower Trade Exhibition ( IFTEX) that was scheduled for June 3 -5 2020 in Nairobi has been moved to October 12-14 2020 due to the current Coronavirus pandemic that has restricted global travel, large gatherings and general human interaction.

IFTEX, Kenya’s international flower show has been held annually for the past eight years bringing to Nairobi the international flower fraternity from all over the world as buyers come to the world’s flower producing giant to see the amazing assortment of varieties, colours and designs; and to book supplies of best and newest varieties.

Kenya is the largest supplier of flowers to the European Union with a 40 per cent market lead and third biggest globally. The country’s flower industry is globally recognized with a considerable number of foreign investors having a big stake in the highly sophisticated sector.

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More than 3000 visitors and some 200 exhibitors meet at the show and due to the big numbers, it is inevitable that the event is postponed to a later date as the world grapples with the fast-spreading Covid-19, in conformity with the WHO and country specific guidelines to contain and minimize spread.

Dick Van Raamsdonk
Director General
HPP Exhibitions / IFTEX


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