Elgon Kenya Limited, Van Dillewijn Group and Dilpack Kenya present a strategic cooperation


Van Dillewijn Group (mother company of Dilpack Kenya) and Elgon Kenya Ltd. have decided to combine strengths and as from March 2020 will jointly service the East African market with packaging solutions for the horticultural and floricultural industries.                  
Dilpack’ s manufacturing facilities will be integrated into the facilities of Elgon. This will ensure higher efficiencies as well as a more robust manufacturing platform.

The role of Van Dillewijn Group will remain as it is. Namely through its Dutch subsidiary (Dillewijn Zwapak) maintain the liaison between the East African flower producers and the European big box retailers where it concerns packaging, post-harvest treatment,flower food and branding thereof.


In the next months it will be mostly “business as usual”. Gradually we will introduce changes. The parties expect the integration to become a smooth process. Retaining the high service and quality level of both companies is a main point of focus for the management. The starting point of the integration process is March 5th 2020 and they expect this process to take a couple of months maximum.


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