United Selections new varieties

The spray market is growing and getting stable.

In June 2018, United Selections unveiled a new product line of spray roses. We introduced three categories of sprays namely: Classic Selections, Blossom Selections, and Magical Selections. Exactly one and a half years down the line and our spray assortment has grown remarkably.

We have been able to introduce some of them to the market and the reception has been great. These varieties include; Royal Magic, Pink Blossoms, Pink Flame Classic, Tender Blossoms, Candy Blossoms, Sweet Pink Classic, Blushing Blossoms, and Fire Blossoms . As we move forward into the new year and beyond, we are expecting even better selections.

Our success as a breeder is built on the results of our clients and stakeholders through the Early Involvement Program. It is because of this reason that we’ll keep you updated on all developments as we continue to breed a successful future together.

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Pink Blossoms

According to the farm manager, the general performance is great in terms of production, stem length, and the headsize. They noted that each stem has 7+ uniform flower heads which they found impressive. Pink Blossoms has decent transport characteristics as well as good vaselife.

Royal Magic

75% of the crop has a length of 60 cm and above, producing stronger stems which are able to sustain the weight of the flower heads. On each stem there are 7+ uniform heads with a disc-shaped opening. According to the farm manager Mr. Brijesh Patel, this is his favourite spray because of the unique colour, unique garden opening as well as superior vaselife.

Tender Blossoms

Although this is one of the shortest in comparison to first two (mostly 50’s), it is hardy in terms of pest and diseases.

In general, they are happy with the performance of all the three spray varieties and they’ve recently increased the areas under production to guarantee supply consistency and reliability.


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