Immature Avocado export alert!


Following a sting operation in the last few days and nights, The Avocado Society  has credible evidence to link  SIGNUM EXPORTERS LTD and  RIZIKI EXPORTERS LTD  with    about  60 tons of  immature   Fuerte Avocados which have been sourced from  Muranga County and which  they intend to export out of the country between now and midday tomorrow 5:01:2020
The Avocado Society of Kenya retariates that export of immature avocados does not only impoverish  our farmers but also destroys our countries international market prospects.

The Avocado Society calls for a mutli-stakeholder inspection of these avocado consignments to certify their maturity indices for export. We invite farmers , Exporters, Government agencies and other stakeholders    tomorrow at 9:00am   to witness this inspection at the two companies  packhouses at Embakasi area, Nairobi.

The society condems in the strongest words possible this act of corruption that is intended to enrich few individuals at the expense of many avocado farmers  in the county who have placed their only hopes for a better livelihood in this crop

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Yours Sincerely,

Muthomi Ernest, ASK CEO.


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