Eprod launches management solutions for agribusiness


Over a decade ago in the year 2004 at Kenyan coast, Equator Kenya a chilli export company was started with an aim of supplying horticultural products. It primarily started with 8,000 farmers with an aim of training them.

The year 2014 birthed Eprod Solutions a company owned by Jan Willem Van Casteren and his wife was moved to the capital Nairobi. Jan willem speaking during a workshop at the Laico Regency said, ‘ I felt there was need to tackle issues affecting farmers .’

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The company ventured into tackling pressing issues faced by farmers and business enterprises. Eprod solutions was commercialized in 2015 and has over the years extended to various African countries and also Asia.
The main objectives were to

  • Manage farmers
  • Train farmers
  • Create a flexible environment for farmers

Through the years Eprod Solutions developed into a vast developed supplier management system, where they developed software in the UK, Netherlands and Kenya. With the ever varying dynamics of the market Eprod Solutions has been much consistent.

Eprod Solutions has partnered with its clients who deal with

  • Grains &Cereals
  • Dairy farming
  • Horticultural products
  • Potatoes
  • Fruits


  • Creates complete farmer profiles
  • Improves production of farmers
  • Manages investments and farmers transactions.

Eprod solutions in compliance with the implementation of the KS 1758, as outlined by Nam Willem,’The Ks 1758 is a code of practice which aims at providing guidelines which help in secure and sustainability of producing and supplying horticultural products for both export and domestic use.’

It involves key players in production, processing, transport &logistics and marketing of horticultural products.

KS 1758 Objectives.

  • Promote better agricultural practices
  • Consumer protection
  • Social welfare and environment conservation
  • Compliance with set laws and regulations.

Eprod solutions through compliance offers services including.

  • Creation of complete farmer profile
  • Improved farmer efficiency
  • Helps in financial administration and farmer transactions
  • Business and staff management
  • monitoring and evaluation
  • acts a contact lead between farmers and employees
  • flexible organization configurations

Development of Integrated Module System.

The mobile application was developed to offer various services that include

  • Mobile payments
  • value based payments /incentives
  • offer training to producers and also capacity building
  • need of Quality Assurance and compliance
  • communication
  • reporting
  • conduct surveys
  • monitoring & evaluation


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