Mauritius Lifts ban on Kenya’s Fresh Produce


By Murimi Gitari

April 15,2019,Nairobi.The visit by President Uhuru Kenyatta to Mauritius has led to the lifting of Kenyan Fresh produce ban by the Mauritius government in an agreement of enhancing trade between the two countries. The government of Mauritius had banned import of avocados, broccoli, baby beans and baby carrots from Kenya.

The ban was lifted during bilateral talks between President Kenyatta and the Prime Minister of Mauritius Pravind Jugnauth. This comes after the Chinese government opened its doors to Kenya’s fresh produce thus being a big boost for the industry. Chinese experts were in the country early this month for inspection and certification of avocadoes and are expected to give a report in a month’s time; this is according to KEPHIS managing director Esther Kimani.

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The president lauded the government of Mauritius for lifting the ban as it will help improve Kenya’s exports to the Indian Ocean Island. He added that it is a major boost for horticultural farmers in the country especially women who are the majority in the sector.

The two leaders witnessed signing of various Memorandum of Understanding one of them being an Export Processing Zone in Kenya. The president said Kenya is set to benefit immensely from these agreements in realization of achieving development goals in terms of job creation and growth of the manufacturing sector.

He also pointed out of having more bilateral talks with the Mauritius government that will enhance existing cordial relations that will increase trade and investment opportunities.

According to President Kenyatta, the two countries are also well placed in championing the development of the blue economy since both countries are littoral states with long coastlines.

The Mauritius Prime Minister said that Kenya is an economic power house in the East African Region and being one of the main trade partners with Mauritius, the visit by the president marked the beginning of a new era as the country gets to prepare in importing Kenya’s farm produce.

He said that following their discussions with President Kenyatta, they are looking forward to have Kenya avocados in their stalls back again.


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