Adoption of Systems Approach a welcome step towards efficient seed movement, better access to seeds

April 8,2019,Nairobi.The International Seed Federation welcomes the decision taken during the recent 14th annual meeting of the Commission on Phytosanitary Measures in Rome, Italy, to adopt the recommended topic to develop a Systems Approach for seed as an Annex to ISPM 38 on the International Movement of Seed.
“A globally accepted systems approach for seed is an opportunity for National Plant Protection Organizations (NPPOs) and industry to collaborate to develop a more efficient, predictable and secure framework to facilitate the international movement of healthy seed, as an alternative to current phytosanitary measures,” says Michael Keller, Secretary General of ISF.
“The current consignment-by-consignment based process for phytosanitary certification for seed movement is not sustainable.

The number and complexity of seed movements, additional declarations and documents that are needed for import/export is growing and taking important resources away from focusing and addressing key phytosanitary risks.  A Systems Approach provides an opportunity to address a broader range of import/export issues while improving farmers’ access to quality seed,” Mr Keller continued.

A Systems Approach would recognize the seed industry’s current good production practices as a combination of pest risk management measures that meet the appropriate level of phytosanitary protection of the importing country. This would offer a long term, sustainable solution instead of today’s ad hoc solutions that have led to a patchwork of non-harmonized requirements.
ISF therefore urges countries to consider the benefits that such a system would have for NPPOs and offers its expertise to assist the Commission on Phytosanitary Measures in completing its task to develop the Systems Approach for seed. 

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