Organization Profile



  • A voluntary association of independent growers and exporters of cut flowers and ornamentals.
  • It was established in 1966 with the aim of fostering responsible and safe production of cut flowers in Kenya.
  • The establishment was with due consideration of workers welfare and environmental protection.
  • Administers compliance through an internationally accredited certification scheme on ;
  • Good agricultural practice
  • Sustainability
  • Social accountability
  • Hygiene health and safety
  • Capacity building
  • Environmental protection and conservation
  • Adherence to which is the backbone of all its activities.

This includes small, medium and large flower growers spanning from 0.25 hectares to 130 hectares in ensuring an all-inclusive floriculture industry. The members are;

  1. Producer members – involved in production of flowers and ornamentals, currently has got 97 farms.
  2. Associate members (both Local and International – organizations that supply products and services to the industry and they are currently 71.

The council liaises with governments, development agencies, media, trade unions, civil society, non-governmental organizations, partners, market organizations and other stakeholders on specific sector issues to create an enabling environment for the floriculture industry both locally and internationally.

With the support of the associate members and partners, the council organizes and participates in the industry promotion events in Belgium, UK, Holland, USA, Italy, Japan, Germany, Korea, Russia and France.

Locally the council engages with the Government of Kenya through different ministries with representation in Bilateral and Multilateral trade negotiations in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade. These include East African Communities (EAC), Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs), COMESA, AGOA and others.

At the international level, the council networks with key partners and development stakeholders such as Union Fleurs, Floriculture Sustainability Iniative (FSI), Global Social Compliance Program (GSCP), Horticulture Council of Africa (HCA), European Development Fund (EDF), Dutch Government, British High Commission and USAID.

THE VISION: “To be the lead organization in the provision of representation, self-regulation and promotion services for the floriculture industry in Kenya.”

THE SRATEGY: “Active participation in the formulation and implementation of policies governing sustainable development of the floriculture sector.

THE MISSION: To promote economic, social, and political interests of the floriculture industry through active participation in the determination and implementation of policies governing sustainable development of the sector.

 Core Values:

KFC is guided by the values of integrity, transparency, accountability competency and professionalism to foster;

  • Responsible and safe production of cut flowers and related products with due regard to the interests of the markets, community and the environment.
  • Safe working environment for all farm staff.
  • Business compliance with all laws of Kenya.
  • Operation within the highest level of accountability and competency.


Address: P.O Box 56325

Zip Code: 00200

City: Nairobi

Country: Kenya

Phone: +254-733-639523




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