Oserian announces new computer courses for 1400 students as it seeks to deepen IT skills

Neil Heilings, Oserian Development Company Managing Director, addresses staff at the company’s Christmas party

Oserian Development Company management has announced that beginning January next year, the flower grower will kick off a free school feeding programme and computer studies for the 1,400 pupils enrolled at the institution.

The feeding programme will see each pupil get tea during break and  high nutrition lunch.  

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Managing director Neil Hellings made the announcement at the flower farm’s 2018 Christmas party hosted for its employees and families in Naivasha.

The tea and lunch,   is a healthy mix, intended to take care of nutrition as a Social Responsibility Programme and is initially funded by Fairtrade Foundation, said Administration Director Mary Kinyua. 

Ms Kinyua added that the objective of the feeding programme is to contribute to a healthy population, in line with the national government Big 4 Agenda, Health Pillar. “The lunch is a highly nutritious pack, our contribution to growing a healthy community”, she said.

In addition to the feeding pack, Oserian is introducing a computer lab at the school, with 80 computers to impart information technology skills at the school. The computers are funded by Ahold Foundation of the UK

The farm ushered in the holidays, a high season for the flower sector, with pomp and colour, whose pinnacle was a spectacular display of fireworks.


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