Technology transforms Kenya into a hotbed of sports betting


November 29, 2018. Sport bettors decision on the choice of betting platform to embrace is dictated by their first interaction with the available features like betyetu coupon code that initiates them to the world of betting through introductory offers, betting aficionados say.

Bookies have cashed in on this demand as dictated by newcomers and continue to roll out irresistible offers to betting newbies. The reasoning behind it is hinged on the first impression being lasting impression maxim, with betting doyens positing that once a newcomer is convinced and satisfied with the introduction offer, they are more likely to remain loyal to a bookie moving forward.

But the dynamics of the game have oscillated and continue to evolve which means bookmarkers have to keep constantly reinventing themselves and innovating to be at the top of their game.

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It is the case therefore that services like the BetYetu coupon code, a password-like code that is revealed to new players who have used the website of an affiliate to the sports betting platform, have pushed the envelope in an increasingly competitive space.

Add this to the evolving technology that continuous to provide a cocktail of options that have made the lives of bookies and punters easier and this explains why Kenya remains the hotbed of sports betting. The remarkable evolution of mobile money wallets and their integration to sports betting platforms has created reliability, consistency and ease of use and access to various betting avenues which means bettors can do it and receives their winnings at the click of a button. The rise of social media has further cemented the place of Kenya in the sports betting scene as numerous betting pages, groups and forums evolve across Facebook, twitter and Whatsapp to point bettors to opportunities and advice on increasing their odds.

A study by PricewaterhouseCoopers dubbed ‘Taking the odds: Gambling outlook for 2015 – 2019’ attributed the explosion of mobile betting in 2012 in Kenya to the advent of mobile telephony and posits that with the smartphone market having been solidified in Kenya, the next frontier for online betting would be in consolidating all betting features in a one-stop shop setting which allows punters to easily navigate their games of choice while giving the bettors a fallback plan in case of losses on their wagers.

Improving the betting-on-the-go landscape including enhanced interoperability between mobile money wallets and online sports betting platforms is the next big thing in Kenya betting and across the continent, the report further notes.



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